Black OEM HID Style High Performance HID Projector Retrofit Headlights for Halogen Equipped Truck Only (2009-2014 F150)

Sale price$875.00


See the difference HERE.

Black OEM HID Replica headlights outfitted with Morimoto Evox-r V2.0 projectors and 35W or 50W 5500k Morimoto HID kit. Comes with H13 wire harness for plug and play installation. (HID system only)

Additional wiring necessary for RGB and/or switchback LED's. 

Switchback lighting can be ran amber or white full time. 

5x the light output of OEM Halogen equipped trucks with no blinding glare found in many drop in LED systems. Integrated high beam operation with included H13 wire harness. 

*Pictured Options are not an exact representation of final build.  

*RGB Bluetooth controller needed with any RGB lighting upgrade.

*Notes can be included in checkout for paint color and other custom option request. 

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