Stage Series Single-Color Rock Light M8 Splitter Wire

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  • 2-way splitter wire for Stage Series Single-Color Rock Lights
  • Uses 3-pin M8 connectors for plug and play connection
  • Heavy-duty 22 AWG wire

Add extra connections. This 2-way splitter wire can be used anywhere you would like to split 3-pin M8 power wires. This splitter wire is compatible with all Stage Series Single-Color Rock Lights.

Durable. This splitter is overmolded with a durable rubber where the wires split, to hold the wire junctions securely and prevent any chance of moisture or corrosion.

Plug-and-play connection. This splitter wire features one female connector and two male connectors, for plug-and-play installation. The cable used is 22AWG in size. Please be aware that you can only split a signal so many times: too many high-power LEDs connected through splitters will result in voltage drop to the LEDs



Wire Size: 22AWG

Unit Weight (lb): 0.05

Product Weight (lb): 0.05

Shipped Weight (lb): 0.1


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