Stage Series Single-Color LED Rock Lights

Count: One
Offroad Lens Color: White Clear
Connector Type: M8
Sale price$39.95
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  • 10-watt, 1000 lumen peak output
  • Convenient center-mount installation
  • Interchangeable lenses for quick color swap
  • Dual function, low and high power modes
  • Aluminum heatsink with signature Ico Bezel shape
  • Thick, durable lenses, engineered to spread light
  • Engineered and Assembled in USA


Introducing the Stage Series Rock Light from Diode Dynamics! With 1000 lumens of peak output, these USA-assembled units set a new standard in the rock light category. Rock lights are a perfect solution to add light underneath your vehicle on the trail. Or, with their compact size and numerous mounting solutions, you can add these anywhere you need some extra light - your cargo area, under the hood, on a roof rack, the side of a trailer, and more. The applications are endless!

Unmatched Light Output. With a true power draw of over 10 watts, the Stage Series Rock Light provides a peak output of 1000 lumens. Even with claims of high power, generic rock lights run at only a few watts, making the Diode Dynamics Rock Light a huge step up for the entire category. Where generic rock lights require two or three units to light up one space on the vehicle, you’ll only need one to get the coverage and output you need.

Dual Power Levels. The Stage Series Rock Light uses a simple 3-wire system, allowing you to select a low-power or high-power mode. At 3 watts of output, the low-power mode is actually on-par with the max output of most generic rock lights! If you want to light up a campsite and you don’t need all 1000 lumens, the low-power mode is a great way to conserve battery power. This 3-wire setup also provides much more functionality on custom off-road builds. By tying the low and high power wires into your factory harness, you can use them as a dual-function running/brake light, or running/turn signal, all in one simple package.

Optically-Engineered, Interchangeable Lenses. Most rock lights are built without optics in mind. They use a simple clear cover to protect from the elements. In true Diode Dynamics style, we’ve incorporated optical features to get the best performance possible. Four individual optics are molded into the outer lens, which provides excellent spread and even, consistent coverage from each light. The lens itself is a thick automotive-grade polycarbonate, made to take a beating on the trail. And the best part? The lenses are interchangeable, and can be swapped out easily for a quick color change, with either clear or diffused options. Click here to find extra interchangeable lenses.

Mount it Anywhere! These Rock Lights were designed to be mounted virtually anywhere on your vehicle. All rock lights come standard with a center bolt mounting point, which is neatly hidden underneath the lens. The aluminum heatsink also features hidden mounting tabs for quick zip-tie installation, if preferred.

If that’s not enough, we also offer a variety of mounting solutions, including a roll bar mount, magnetic mount, flush mount, and surface mount to cover any other potential application. Each of these accessory mounts is designed to mate up perfectly with the base rock light unit, for a professional and clean appearance when installed.

Choose Your Color. Stage Series LED Rock Lights are available in cool white, amber, red, green, and blue. With the same high-power white LEDs underneath, the interchangeable lenses allow you to change colors any time. White is a great option to get the maximum output possible. Green and blue provide serious style. And red or amber colors could become very functional options on an off-road setup, by powering the low and high power inputs with your running light and turn signal, for example.

If you’re looking for more options, along with strobing, fading, and custom patterns, you’ll want to check out our RGBW Multicolor version!

Simple Connections. For maximum convenience, these are available with either 10-inch bare wire leads, or an M8 barrel-style connector. The bare leads are a great option if you plan to wire them up yourself, while the M8 option provides a secure, waterproof connection and is compatible with our plug-and-play harnesses. At only 8mm in diameter, it’s still easy to route the wires to where you need them.

Proven Reliability. We know your rock lights will be put to the test, so you can rest assured that they have been designed for superior durability. They are IP68 waterproof rated and feature a cast aluminum housing and pin-fin heatsink, for effective thermal dissipation. The lens is designed with thick automotive-grade polycarbonate, and a UV coating. Backed by a limited 8-year warranty, they have been tested in-house from -40 to 185 degrees F, along with vibration, moisture intrusion, and corrosion testing. Rest assured, the Stage Series Rock Lights will handle whatever you throw at them.


NOTE: Stage Series Rock Light output data is coming soon!

Beam Angle: Round, 60°

Operating Voltage: 9-16V

Wire Size: 28AWG

Polarity: Polarity Specific

Operating Temperature: -40C to 85C (-40F to 185F)

LED Emitter: Lumileds Z ES

Driver Features: Linear Regulated

Materials: UV Coated Polycarbonate Lens, Powdercoated Aluminum

Cooling: Passive, Pin-Fin heatsink

Intrusion Ratings: IP68 Waterproof

Unit Weight (lb): 0.20

Product Weight (lb): 0.20

Shipped Weight (lb): 0.5


Installation Time: 1-2 hours

Tools Needed: Basic Toolset

Modification: Basic Wiring Only


Additional Lenses HERE

What's Included

In the Box: (1 Pack)

  • One (1) Stage Series Single-Color Rock Light with M8 or Hookup Connector
  • One (1) Rock Light Hardware Kit
  • Two (2) Zip Ties

    In the Box: (2 Pack)

    • Two (2) Stage Series Single-Color Rock Lights
    • One (1) 1M Extension
    • One (1) 3M Extension
    • Two (2) Splitters
    • Two (2) Standard hardware kits
    • Six (6) Zip ties
    • Installation guide
      In the Box: (4 Pack)
      • Four (4) Stage Series Single-Color Rock Lights
      • Two (2) 3M Extensions
      • Two (2) 5M Extensions
      • One (1) Rock Light Single-Color wiring harness
      • Four (4) Standard hardware kits
      • Twelve (12) Zip ties
      • Installation guide

        In the Box: (8 Pack)

        • Eight (8) Stage Series Single-Color Rock Lights
        • Two (2) 1M Extension
        • Four (4) 3M Extensions
        • Two (2) 5M Extensions
        • Four (4) Splitters
        • One (1) Rock Light Single-Color wiring harness
        • Eight (8) Rock Light Hardware Kits
        • Twenty Four (24) Zip Ties
        • Installation guide


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