OEM Auxiliary Switch Dual-Output 4-Pin Wiring Harness

Sale price$40.00



  • Compatible with Diode Dynamics LED pods with backlight functionality.
  • Use with any factory-installed aux switch bank
  • Dual Deutsch DT output connectors
  • Long enough to power lighting on A-pillars or bumper
  • High-capacity 12AWG wiring
  • Black wire sheathing to protect cables


Auxiliary Switch Control. Control your Stage Series Backlit LED Pods through your Auxiliary Switch Bank with this custom wiring harness! Featuring dual Deutsch DT output connectors, this harness allows you to control your backlit LED pods from your factory switch bank.

This harness safely powers up to 25A of auxiliary lamps. Please refer to the current draw data below.  

  • C1 Sport: 1.2A
  • C1 Pro: 1.7A
  • SSC2 Sport: 0.6A
  • SSC2 Pro: 1.75A
  • SS3 Sport: 1.2A
  • SS3 Pro: 2.9A
  • SS3 Max: 3.3A

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