Morimoto XB 2009-2014 F150 Light Output Comparison - Eastern Shore Retros

Here we will go over the light output of the Morimoto XB Assemblies for the 2009-2014 F150 and compare them to the OEM HID as well as many aftermarket options that we typically install. 

All shots below of any light output beam pattern were all taken with a Samsung Note 10 Plus with locked settings of F1.5, ISO 50, 1/90 Shudder and WB of 5600K. 

All test were done at 12.5V  with light output measurements taken from 18ft away. All variations were in the same headlight housing with the same lens minus the Morimoto XB lights. 

Up first are the Morimoto XB LED headlights.

If you are interested in some specs and more details surrounding the lights, you can see our product listing HERE.

Now these lights utilize 3 LED projectors for the low beam and use the turn signal location for the new high beam. Which is also LED. 

Low Beam (XB) 1565 Max LUX

High Beam (XB) 1137 Max LUX above cutoff

OEM HID Low Beam (OE Osram HBI bulb and Osram 35w Ballast) 1516 Max LUX


OEM HID High Beam (OE Osram HBI bulb and Osram 35w Ballast) 1954 Max LUX


OEM HID Low Beam (Philips WHV2 bulb (6000K) and Osram 35w Ballast) 953 Max LUX

These could use a bulb shim to lower the hotspot some and give you a better low beam projection.


OEM HID High Beam (Philips WHV2 bulb (6000K) and Osram 35w Ballast) 2150 Max LUX


Evox-R Low Beam (OE Osram HBI bulb and Osram 35w Ballast) 1323 Max LUX

No Photo

Evox-R High Beam (OE Osram HBI bulb and Osram 35w Ballast) 2010 Max LUX

Evox-R Low Beam (Philips WHV2 bulb (6000K) Osram 35w Ballast) 1552 Max LUX

Evox-R High Beam (Philips WHV2 bulb (6000K) Osram 35w Ballast) 2660 Max LUX

Evox-R Low Beam (Osram Laser (4300K) Morimoto XB35 35w Ballast) 3200 Max LUX

Evox-R High Beam (Osram Laser (4300K) Morimoto XB35 35w Ballast) 4310 Max LUX

Evox-R Low Beam (Morimoto XB (5500K) Morimoto XB35 35w Ballast) 2540 Max LUX

No Photo

Evox-R High Beam (Morimoto XB (5500K) Morimoto XB35 35w Ballast) 3380 Max LUX

D2S 5.0 Low Beam (Morimoto XB (5500K) Morimoto XB35 35w Ballast) 1650 Max LUX

D2S 5.0 High Beam (Morimoto XB (5500K) Morimoto XB35 35w Ballast) 3070 Max LUX

D2S Low Beam (Osram Laser (4300K) Morimoto XB35 35w Ballast) 2540 Max LUX

D2S High Beam (Osram Laser (4300K) Morimoto XB35 35w Ballast) 3380 Max LUX


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